Our History




Many years ago this company was started by Jerry Masters who was an outstanding Magician in his own right. He built the company up and as time went on his life priorities changed. He then sold the company to Fred Junkala, another excellent entertainer. Due to some life changes he was forced to quit his full time job and run his own company allowing him the flexibility in his schedule that he needed to attend to some personal medical issues in his family. So he bought the company from Jerry and ran it very successfully. He too finally ran into some health issues and had to sell the company. The current owner, Al Tokarsky, worked for Fred for many years and was planning on buying the business when he retired, but that plan was accelerated with the medical issues Fred had encountered. So in 2006 an agreement was made to purchase the company. This bring us up to date. All of the owners were and still are committed to providing the best entertainment available to fit your budget!


Phone: 937-232-8780 - Email: mses44@att.net - Fax: 937-232-3723

One of the most outstanding GigMasters members for 2016!